Make it your own

The possibilities for shapes and patterns in our laser-cut lights and gifts are endless – which means it would take years for us to bring all of our ideas to life. This is why we offer to work with you to customise your order according to your ideas.

  • Shape and size

    Let us know if you wish to order smaller or larger lights, or have an idea for a different shape

  • Number of panels

    The number of panels in our panel lights can be easily altered to reveal the bulb and let more light through for a more industrial look

  • Colour

    Whilst we mainly use Danish Oil in the shades Antique Pine and Canadian Cedar, other available shades include Jacobean Dark Oak and Deep Mahogany. Alternatively, you can just go for the all-natural look or choose to paint your item yourself.

  • Patterns

    We can cut out or engrave intricate custom patterns on the light panels, or personalise gift items with names, dates, or special messages – just contact us with your ideas

  • Light fitting

    Our pendant lights come without fitting to meet the needs of standard UK homes that have light fitting fixed to the ceiling, but if you wish to include a fitting to suit the style of the light, please contact us. In wall mounted lights the fitting is included.

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