Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.

We love making beautiful things and sharing them with others. After years of working in communications in corporate organisations (Kerstin), and providing laser-cutting services to others (James), we felt something was missing from our lives. We had a lot of creative ideas and started looking into ways of producing them. The result is Timeless Cuts – a small family-run business making beautiful laser-cut gifts and lights suitable for homes, restaurants, shops and offices.

Ideas coming to life

It all starts with a drawing. The idea of a shape, a size, and how it would look in a home environment. Lines that follow a natural flow instead of sharp edges are the core of our designs. We mainly work with wood, but sometimes like to combine the warmth of a natural material with the modern feel, light reflecting properties and endless colour options of acrylic.

Laser-cut precision

We mainly use plywood specifically made for laser cutting as the glue that is used to hold the wood together will produce a nice clean edge. Our laser also allows us to cut intricate designs into any of our items or etch patterns onto them – if you have ideas you would like us to explore, just speak to us and we will work with you to create something truly unique just for you.

High-quality finish

After cutting, the wooden elements of our lights are sanded by hand to achieve a smooth finish and remove any marks caused by the laser. We then use Danish oil for the final finish – unlike a varnish that just covers the surface of the wood, Danish oil penetrates the wood and thereby brings out the wood grains beautifully. It’s also durable and light and water resistant. We mainly use the shades ‘antique pine’ and ‘Canadian cedar’; however, if you prefer a slightly different shade do let us know and we will customise your light accordingly.

Putting your light together

We ship your lights flat packed and ready to assemble. The parts slot together easily and there is no need for glue. If you get stuck nevertheless, do give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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